2 July 2010

I got sick.  Nothing terrible, but it kept me in bed for a couple of days with a stomach ache.  It hit me at school and I asked my coworkers if someone would take me to get a soda (I can’t walk around Cazucá by myself).  They were outraged; soda, for a stomachache?? Because this was such a ludicrous idea, and something that would likely “make my stomach explode” I actually had to pull out, “I’m 27 years old and I know what makes me feel better.”  After that I was begrudgingly taken to the store to buy a soda, after which I took my hour and a half trip back home, and in case you were wondering, my stomach did not explode.

Of course, the ridiculousness did not end there.  A couple of more days in bed and our housekeeper came.  She informed me that the reason for my sickness was the fried egg she had fed me on Monday morning before I went to work. Now, this would seem to make sense, right?  Except that she didn’t think the egg was bad, she was pretty sure it was because she had given it to me so early and that my system, used to only eating yogurt in the morning, was rejecting it….still…four days later.   After calling her mom and finding out that we had no cinnamon, she squeezed half a lime into a glass and made me drink it.  I just didn’t feel well enough to argue, so took it and surprisingly did not throw up.  She then boiled basil in water and added sugar and handed that to me, assuring me it would fix me right up.  Jeremy, my roommate, came back home a little later, and added dried oregano to some water with honey and assured me that this was a common cure in Ecuador.  Although he continues to assure me he was not just messing with me, the way that Yasmin and he were laughing in the kitchen as I drank it, more to appease them than anything else, leads me to believe that that was not the case.

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