20 July 2010

Big day!  My coworker/friend Monica’s Birthday!  Which meant that because of Milena’s failure to complete the task, I, as the resident gringa, and therefore the only one with supposedly no knowledge of this delightful Colombian custom, was elected to crack an egg on Monica’s head. I was thrilled!  So after trudging up the hill and drawing Monica out of the house under the pretense of moving furniture, I gave her a proper hug and kiss and then slammed an egg on her head. As she chased me down the hill her brother ambushed her with a bucket of water (not as easy to come by as one might think in Cazucá), after which she was doused in flour.

Poor thing, this was the end result.

She was not very happy, but I enjoyed it so much that I’m thinking about bringing the custom to the states.  The rest of the day was great, especially since it was also the bicentennial of Colombia, and being up on the mountain of Altos de Cazucá, watching the planes fly by in formation at really low altitudes was quite a sight.  We ate and played games (which I was terrible at because they revolved mostly around Spanish titled movies that I had never seen nor heard of) and I walked home with my boss and her husband.

Outside of Monica's house complete with Colombian Flags for the holiday

As we approached the drop off to the lower school we noticed that there were more people than usual milling around and two police officers.  Police in Cazucá are generally not a good thing.  First, their presence is a rare sight (even the military that is standard there stay pretty far down on the hill) and second, it’s pretty well known that they don’t respond to almost any call in Cazucá, so if they actually made it they are either harassing people themselves or it’s really serious.  I’m still not sure how, but Milena’s husband Jorge figured out that there had been a murder; as I stopped spacing out wondering about the scene I heard Milena say, “Pero, por qué lo matarían(but, why would the kill him).”  The next morning I heard on the radio that there had been limpieza social and it was a bus driver that had been killed.  Time to get out of dodge, I’m off to Quibdó.

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