Creciendo en Amor

17 July 2010

I helped lead a workshop for mother’s in the community through program called  Creciendo en amor.  We covered several topics including the sexual development of children as they reach adolescence and beyond.  The mother’s drew pictures of both boys and girls at different ages. I love it!

Typical 17 yr old Colombian girl?

The little ones look so innocent, and if the teenagers here looked like the

Typical 17 yr old Colombian boy?

teenagers in these drawings, I would be entirely too scared to enter this school!  As these sessions are also supposed to provide a space for the mothers to relax, make friends and enjoy themselves I also taught a mini session of yoga.  These woman could do balances like I have never seen before.  I don’t know if it’s the walking up and down the rocky steep hills, but on their first try they were standing on one foot for minutes at a time with no sign of falling.  In the group there was also a son of one of the mothers.

He and his cousin later tried to do eagle outside of the school…this was not quite as impressive:)

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